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Thread: Failed to update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanH66 View Post
    what is now working? updates? how did you get that working? ...
    For me, yes. Going through the usual update process which did not work when I posted earlier on the 19th did work later, when I posted, "Thanks!" However, I don't know enough to advise you. Am sure someone else will.

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    well, I gave up waiting for a useful answer, so I uninstalled 2.4 and put 1.6.2 back on for a while.

    Then I downloaded the 2.4 installer from the website and installed with the installer removing old 1.6.2.

    It seems to be working now, that is to say it is "Checking for antispyware updates"

    next, to see if it will do the scan.

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    Default Failed to update?


    I was prompted to upgrade to version 2.4 .
    So after some more months using 2.2 I deinstalled this version, installed v.
    The same results: its trying to download updates forever with no avail.
    So I went back to v. 2.2

    Does it become better?

    Thanks for your work


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    Looking back,you were getting access denied messages when attempting to start some of the Spybot services,including the update service,correct?
    I didn't find anything further on that,so far,unfortunately.
    This is a link to Spybot support:
    You might want to contact them,and ask for help.Let them know everything you've done so far,or you could probably even give them the link to here,and your user name,if you're okay with that,and get their insight on it.

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