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Thread: Student needs help to remove FAKE JAVA UPDATE Malware

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    Default Student needs help to remove FAKE JAVA UPDATE Malware

    Hi. I had this update appearing on my computer for a month and I ignored it. One day, by mistake, I clicked that it was ok to update the java software. As soon as I did this, I started to get a home pages that would not go away. I noticed that my screen was moving a bit and then the computer became super slow. I purchased a malware removal and this JAVA update does not go away. I tried to remove it from my program and it is not working. It only gives me the option to allow it to update and this Fake Java is not owned by Oracle. So far my option is to wipe out my computer but I can't seem to reinstall my windows 2007 back when I start the process of wiping it. I have no choice but to turn on and off my computer and I have not been able to study on my computer because the Hacker has already locked some of my accounts. Someone suggested to go on this site to download softwares to remove this faje Java. Please advise which software I should download and Thank you.

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    Hello Clarita2014x,

    In order for someone to advise please see the forum sticky which includes guidelines and instructions in post #2 on how to provide the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and aswMBR, which are the logs used in the preliminary analysis.

    Then start a new topic posting the logs so a volunteer analyst can guide you.

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