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Thread: How to restore Windows Recently Used Programs and Recent Items?

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    Default How to restore Windows Recently Used Programs and Recent Items?

    I recently upgraded to SpyBot S&D 2.4 from 1.6 and ran a scan. It found a bunch of usage tracks that were marked "(is not)" which made me think that those were some form of false advertising and let them get fixed. After this, the MRU program list and the MRU Recent Items list were blank and not populating with new programs or files as I ran/open them. How can I re-enable the MRU program list and MRU Item list? I am using Windows Vista Home Basic service pack 2. I am and experienced programmer and sysadmin and I am comfortable working in the Windows Registry if given clear instructions. Any direction would be appreciated. If there is extra information needed to help correct this issue, please let me know and I will post what I can.

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    Please see here about the (is not):

    If you'd like to disable scanning for Usage tracks so it doesn't happen again,please rightclick Spybot Start Center and run as Admin,checkmark Advanced User Mode,go to Settings,open the Categories tab,rightclick within the Categories window,and select Spyware Scan Only.

    The MRU program list and the MRU Recent Items should start showing stuff again after a little bit.Or,if you'd prefer both the older lists,you can open Quarantine and restore them.Not 100% sure on it,but I think those might be listed under Windows Explorer.
    You can restore anything that looks likely,so long as you're pretty sure it's just usage tracks.
    If you rightclick an item listed and select Restore Parts,then you can hover your cursor over anything listed and it might give you a better idea of what it is,if that helps any.

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