I realize this issue has already been posted in another thread, but don't want to hijack THAT thread, OR get lost in the shuffle.

I keep getting the "Runtime error 217 at 500e8338" error at system startup - system SEEMS to then function normally - but not sure as to potential issues, or system damage that MIGHT eventually surface.

I'm running 64 bit Windows 8.1 professional, and the Home/Virus version of Spybot.

Since this has already been posted here, and by now is a KNOWN Spybot issue - it came WITH Spybot, and as far as I'm concerned, is a SPYBOT issue, not with anything running BEFORE Spybot!

I don't plan on getting into a great and long dialog here in this forum on this issue, it's already been noted, but rather, am just suggesting Spybot experts DO something about it!