I was working on and off of the internet, when Chrome crashed. When I tried reopening, i received errors during the load process. I used Firefox after, but became concerned when fresh installs of Chrome did not work. After running several scans (AVAST, SB 2.2, Malware-Bytes, Adware Cleaner, and Junkware Removal Tool), I still had no luck.
I ran the rootkit scanner. It did "red-flag" a few items. After reading several of the entries in the forums, I understand about the "false-positives" from software like Microsoft, photographs, etc. I am only concerned about two entries:
"File" D:\BLOCKRINndbox (Invisible to Win32)
"Folder" C:\boott! s (Invisible to Win32)

RealPlayer also seems to give much in the way of problems to AVAST and several of the other scanning programs. Should this also be a concern to me?

Thank you in advance for all your help with this.