I have Win7 and am using the most recent installable v1.6 of Spybot.

So I was trying to do some research on a small issue with Spybot. When I hit scan and it comes toward the very end, it starts looking for a malware key named "Please wait scanning download directories".

Now, from what I have seen and what I have read, this is actually malware that it's looking for. The problem is that the program gets stuck and doesn't do anything. It slid through most of the scan within about a 30 minutes, then got stuck on this entry for about 2 hours.

This is where I got stupid and figured something was wrong with it, mucked something up pretty good where it did something to the program, blah blah blah couldn't fix it, so I blew all the components away and did a clean re-install. I also cleared out my download folders (as I have no clue what would be considered a "download directory") because I had no idea what exactly it was looking for or looking at.

Well, now it's been sitting at this malware scan key of "Please wait scanning download directories" for a couple hours now after the clean re-install. I don't want to ignore the product in Expert Mode since it seems to be the name of legitimate malware that should be scanned for, but it doesn't seem right that Spybot just stops and stays on this one thing and does nothing.

Is it a silent program crash? Am I just being impatient?

I have no idea. Some insight would be amazing!