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Thread: installing 1.4 and system lockup is annoying as heck!

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    Thumbs down installing 1.4 and system lockup is annoying as heck!

    recently my GF wiped her system, and started over, her old version of spybot was 1.2 and worked flawlessly; but after installing 1.4 we are experiencing problems which makes me want to uninstall this program and go elsewhere.

    upon installing a new fresh copy of 1.4, we go thru the steps of installation, (i.e. back up the registry, etc) when it arrives at "check for updates, we cannot bypass it so it checks for them anyhow, and promptly freezes up! the badchecksums pop up, and the "downloading window" stays on the screen. you cant close it or cancel it. only way is to press control alt delete and completely close out spybot;

    upon restarting, we end up at same lockup. my view on all these errors is why? why hasnt there been an error fix or move to 1.5, or go back to an actual working version? like 1.2 or 1.3?

    our system specs:
    intel cpu, winXP SP2, cable connection to web

    we dont currently have any anti-virus software up and running becuz i wanted spybot installed first, on top of everything else. but this is getting out of hand.

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    You could try to install skipping the update and immunization steps. When the installation is complete:
    • Go into Spybot > Update
    • Click "Search for Updates"
    • After you complete the updates you can Immunize if desired by going into Spybot > Immunize > and clicking on the Immunize button at the top of the screen (big green plus sign).

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