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Thread: Unable to install anti-virus purchase

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    Default Unable to install anti-virus purchase

    Hi, This is my first post here. I am unable to install my purchase of the anti-virus professional edition. I tried to get support through the support system but the "image" I type in is always rejected. Over and over again. So I can't get through. I spent about 2 hours on this and would like to get my money back. Well, the problem should not even exist; they sent the installer as a "php" file, which my computer does not recognize, I can't imagine why this would be sent in such a file. I downloaded another file which was supposed to install something to open it, but that one also shows the same error: my Windows computer does not open it. It seems like every time I give money or in this case pay for something at Spybot, I suffer.
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    Hello rkelley5767,

    You have been sent a link with the installer.

    From the description it appears the browser may be treating the URL or mime type incorrectly.

    Please check your browser to ensure it is configured to accept the installer as a download.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Best regards.
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