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Thread: Spybot Cannot Remove 5810 Temporary Files

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    Default Spybot Cannot Remove 5810 Temporary Files

    Hey guys, I like to do virus scans every now and again, and today i've decided to make a thread relating to it. Every time I can remember, Spybot has scanned for temp files, today it found 5810 of them, and it cannot remove them. I don't know why? Is this a trojan of sorts, or another virus?

    I don't know much about virus' etc so I would like some assistance as if you were talking to a 10 year old :D I know what all the terms mean but thats about it. I'm scared its a piece of malware that can read what i'm doing on my screen etc.

    HELP!? Unless its nothing to worry about

    EDIT: I performed this process when nothing else was open i.e browsers
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    Which version of Spybot do you have?

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