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Thread: Too many browswers and too many accepting cookies

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    Default Too many browswers and too many accepting cookies

    When I go to the system scan feature I usually get the reading that I have excessive browsers. For instance right now it says 8 out of 15 browser profiles are rejecting third party cookies. I don't know why I would have so many browsers and I don't know why so many of them are accepting cookies. When I try the "disable these cookies," option it rarely works. Sometimes I can disable all of them or a few, but rarely. There have been a few times when it has read 2 out of 2 browsers are rejecting third party cookies. That seems like about the right number of browsers and it seems right that they would both be rejecting cookies. Can anyone tell me why I would have so many browsers and why so many of them would be accepting cookies? Is this an indication that someone is hacking or that the program simply is not working? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    If you have other accounts on your computer,Spybot is likely showing their browsers as well.With just Sea Monkey,Internet Explorer and Firefox I have a total of seven browser profiles altogether.If you click the Disable these Cookies button,a window will come up which will show you roughly 5 of the profiles.If you disable the cookies in the window,then press the Disable these Cookies button again,more of your browser profiles will show in the window,and as you view them,they'll probably be familiar to you.
    If you prefer to re-enable third-party cookies in some or all of the browsers when you're done,just click the arrow and select re-enable these cookies.

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