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Thread: Tools section on Spybot and a question about the Uninstall Info feature

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    Default Tools section on Spybot and a question about the Uninstall Info feature


    I'm using Spybot version, and I have a question about one of the features available in the Tools section. Specifically, I'm inquiring about the Uninstall Info feature.

    What I would like to know is this: In the Tools section of Spybot, if I were to select an entry from the list of programs that are displayed when Uninstall Info is selected, what happens if I click the delete button?

    Does clicking delete actually delete or uninstall the program—or does the delete button simply just remove the program's registry listing? Or instead, does the delete button do something else completely different?

    Thank you.

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    From everything I've been able to find about it,I think what selecting a program,then clicking delete in the Uninstall Info did was remove the program listing from the area in the registry where installed program's are listed.I believe it's main use would have been that if you had a program that had previously been installed,and had since been removed,but it stubbornly kept showing in your computer's add/remove programs,then removing the program listing from Spybot's Uninstall Info section would remove it from showing in add/remove programs.

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