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Thread: New novice user..sorry

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    Default New novice user..sorry

    My friend who's an IT installed free version Spybot 12-29-14 because I had installed an infected version(had Vosteran and Generic trojan horse) from I think..I have some questions...probably pretty dumb ones, but here goes:
    1.Last 2 mornings when I "woke computer" I had permission request boxes(requesting changes to my hard drive) (ominous)..The first one had "immunization" in the detail..I think it had to do with Immunizing Firefox (Internet explorer was already immunized) . I immunized Firefox...I'm not sure what the 2nd day (1-1-15) was asking permission for , but when I allowed it the System Scan page appeared and I did scan..(Will the system scan request box appear automatically every day?) I know updates aren't automatic with free version..
    2.When I checked quarantine the previous scans had found several very low level stuff..Today's scan found 8 items..mostly cookies..Should I "fix"/quarantine these low level finds and then purge them?(I'm a little afraid deleting these will make something on my computer not work)
    3.One of the scans reports found: "Error service check file: file is missing: use update to get new copy" the file replaced by running Spybot update?
    4.Spybot suggested blocking 3rd party cookies..My IT friend had blocked Internet Explorer cookies already I think but Firefox wasn't..I blocked them too, but then worried if my saved user IDs and passwords would be lost...Also will blocking the cookies slow the way a site works?? THANKS SO MUCH...
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