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Thread: "MY LATEST DOCUMENTS" in XP gets erased ...

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    Default "MY LATEST DOCUMENTS" in XP gets erased ...

    I just got finished testing this,

    There may be other caused of the disappearance of entries in "MY LATEST DOCUMENTS" but the Latest and Greatest version of Spybot is definitely one of them.

    I thought that Spybot was rather thorough in reporting problems than some of the other packages out there ...

    I can't tell which of the reported problems is actually this function of XP.

    Also the list of latest used programs under START is also erased ...

    Wonder how many other MRU lists have been affected?

    I have XP SP3 fully upgraded with security fixes --- that is - until the latest Microsloth FUBAR.

    My version of SPYBOT is 2.4.

    I searched the net and no one else has mentioned this.

    I couldn't find anything in Settings to ameliorate this ...

    Course, no one else may have noticed or suffers from OCDC testing syndrome.

    Any one else notice this?


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    Default Hello!?

    Do any Systems Administrators read these threads?

    I'd like a reply of some kind ...

    I use the "RECENT DOCUMENTS" extensively.

    Initially I thought the recent upgrade was great because it detected more items.

    But after finishing my research I have no confidence that OTHER 'false positives' are not occurring. Use of Microsloth is frustrating and problematic at best ...

    I'll wait a few days and then uninstall and attempt to go back to 1.6.2.


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    These are usage tracks that have been deleted.
    Usage tracks are your fingerprints in your system. Whenever you visit a page with your browser, or just open any file, that information is stored deep inside Windows. In most cases that is very useful – if you want to open that file again, you can select it from a list instead of typing the whole filename or browsing the whole directory structure again.

    But in some cases you may want to hide your activity, because spyware and internet attackers may use that information. Spybot-S&D can remove some of the most important and common tracks on your system.

    If you do not want to scan for them anymore you can exclude them from future scans.
    Therefore run the Start Center and switch to advanced mode.
    Now start Settings with a right-click and choose "run as administrator".

    Then open the tab "Categories“. Here you can untick the checkboxes in front of:
    '' , 'Tracks.uti' and ''.
    Click Apply and OK afterwards.

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    Default Thanks!

    Yes - that did it!

    Changed the suggested settings, ran a scan, then checked the list of recently used programs ...

    They were all still there!

    In addition - I had no results from the scan - which indicates that the other files that were previously indicated were also concerned with similar OS tracking.

    While I have your attention - I have a problem which is not Spybot oriented but OS oriented: The list of recently used programs will periodically reset. This is usually (but not always) coincident with maximization of my PC (a laptop).

    I search the internet in vain for a resolution to this problem.

    Do you have any knowledge of the OS resetting parameters?

    Thanks again!

    John Galt

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