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Thread: Adobe Flash/Acrobat/Reader exploits-in-the-wild

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    Exclamation Adobe Flash/Acrobat/Reader exploits-in-the-wild


    Flash 0-Day Exploit used by Angler Exploit Kit
    2015-01-21 - "The "Angler" exploit kit is a tool frequently used in drive-by download attacks to probe the browser for different vulnerabilities, and then exploit them to install malware. The exploit kit is very flexible and new exploits are added to it constantly. However, the blog post below* shows how this exploit kit is currently using an unpatched Flash 0-day to install malware. Current versions of Windows (e.g. Window 8 + IE 10) appear to be vulnerable. Windows 8.1, or Google Chrome do not appear to be vulnerable... typically we see these exploits more in targeted attacks, not in widely used exploit kits. This flaw could affect a large number of users very quickly..."
    2015-01-21 - "... Angler EK exploiting last version ( of Flash..."
    Update: "... tested it against the free version of Malwarebytes Anti Exploit* (a product from one of my customers). That stopped it. Well done!..."

    Jan 22, 2015 - "... Chrome’s version of the Flash Player plugin is sandboxed, mitigating potential effects to end users. Firefox is also immune to this threat..."
    Geographic distribution of users affected by Angler

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