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Thread: Spybot has off-putting misspelling on a pop-up

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    Default Spybot has off-putting misspelling on a pop-up

    First of all, I love Spybot S&D. If I didn't care, I wouldn't post this here. It may seem like a minor thing but for those of us always on the look-out for fakes, this set off a red flag for me, making me think for a second "Oh no, am I running the Real Spybot?".

    I'll try to attach the imageSpybot mistype.JPG This pops up after selecting "Fix Selected Problems" and answering "Yes" to that.

    I hope they fix it, it bothers me lol....

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    Hello orangepoppy,

    I sent the office an email about this, thank you for reporting.

    Best regards.
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