TEAM SpyBotSearch and Destroy,

Regretfully I must remove SBS&D after about 25 years of service because it is interfering with my latest Security Software called WinPrivacy by Ruiware. Have had much difficulty in getting WinPrivacy to run as it is designed to function. I keep getting told that my AntiVirus software is what is causing my issue, WRONG, had disabled my antivirus and still had the issues. So disabled SBS&D and those issues have gone away. When removing SBS&D there was a point where I was given a chance to inform you as to why it was being removed. The message was never sent and not sure why so this will be somewhat of an explanation. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask them. Will provide any answers that am able to explain for you.

I do like and wish was able to support you, but; due to my retirement and the administration that is destroying this Great Country of ours and not protecting our citizens as is their responsibility just have not had the funds to participate. I do like the Immunization feature of SBS&D, will miss that much . .

If you ever find out what was causing this issue and get a fix for it would like to know so I can be with you again.

Good-Bye and much LUCK to you in the future,