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Thread: update hash code problem

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    Default update hash code problem

    Hello all,

    I have a problem for some time when trying to update the spybot free home addition.
    Here is the output:

    [00:00.000] [i] Update started...
    [00:00.000] [+] Updating Service is active.
    [00:00.000] [.] Trying to retrieve update info file from
    [00:00.235] [+] Retrieved update info file.
    [00:00.656] [.] Info file part done.
    [00:00.672] [+] (version 20140127) needs to be updated (to version 20141119).
    [00:00.688] [.] Downloading updates...
    [00:00.688] [+] File "" needs to be downloaded.
    [00:01.281] [+] Downloaded archive "" from
    [00:01.281] [-] Hash 06f23a180accd3a0360bca7b31be6322 for archive "" does not match expected hash 0D51DDC4A7E8DE14DB4BF6C64D6CC162!
    [00:01.281] [+] All files have been processed.
    [00:01.281] [+] Installed 1 updates.

    Many thanks!

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    Yeah, I have a similar problem when trying to update my version of Spybot (1.6.0).

    I have tried downloading from 2 different servers (both based in Germany), but the following 3 files refuse to download successfully and keep giving a "bad checksum!" error (info in order: file, size, date):

    - Detection Rules: Spybots, 260KB, 2015-03-04
    - Detection Rules: Update, 365KB, 2015-03-11
    - Startup info, 959KB, 2011-12-21

    My laptop keeps crashing during bootup (Windows 2000 SP4) and I'm not sure if this is related to Spybot or whether it's just coincidence that it's happening after having updated the other files, but not the 3 listed above...

    Edit:I just tried for the 3rd time using one of the servers from France and the updates installed without any issues
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