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Thread: Win32.Palevo

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    Default Win32.Palevo

    Ran Spybot and it found a problem:
    Product: Win32.Palevo
    Rule id: C5E0F385
    File: C:\Users\Windows 7\AppData\Local\Temp\.ini
    Clicked on Fix Selected and the file was removed.
    At the time I was not connected to the internet. I tried to find out more about the issue on the Sypbot forum but searching on Trojans-006 and the rule id didn’t come up with anything and with the product nothing very new. I restored the file to run Spybot again so I could use show details of the problem.
    I ran Spybot just on the offending file and it came up clean!
    I ran a full system scan and it found the problem again! I fixed it again and it quarantined it again.
    So now a couple of question:
    1) Since Spybot thinks its a problem and clean depending on how you run the scan do I have a problem?
    2) If its a problem is it 100% fixed if the Spybot quarantines it. If not how do I fix it for sure?
    I also ran AVG and Malwarebytes and neither found the problem. Is it a false positive?
    I am running Windows 7 with all the latest updates. I have not noticed any other problems with my computer.
    Spybot version: free edition
    Google Chrome version: 40.0.2214.115 m
    After having Spybot remove the offending file it returned.

    In the attached zip file are the report logs and the offending .ini file
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    Default Fixed with update on 2015-04-01


    this FP (Win32.Palevo, Trojans-006, Rule id: C5E0F385) was caused by the use of an undefined environment variable. It was fixed with the updates on 2015-04-01.

    Thanks for reporting this issue.

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