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Thread: What happened to Spybot????????

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    Default What happened to Spybot????????

    What on Earth happened to spybot? I remember using it and it was a small fast little program that was brilliant. I just downloaded and installed it and I must say I was amazed that it has grown into a bloated monster!

    I mean it installed 3 services! YES 3!!! It seems the anti spyware app now seems to install more crap that it was designed originally to dispose of!

    Quite frankly I am saddened by the whole thing.

    Just uninstalled this piece of bloated crap....
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    Been donating and bought a paid version this time. However now my Surface Pro 2 has very choppy video playback when SpyBoth S&D "live protection" is enabled.

    Will keep SpyBot S&D for scanning and cleaning. Looking to return to Windows Defender for day to day operation.

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