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Thread: Spybot in remote support environment- Questions

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    Default Spybot in remote support environment- Questions

    Hello. I am a remote support technician. I do alot of work remotly for various clients who cannot afford full time IT staff. At least one per week I conduct some sort of Virus/Malware/Trojan/etc.. removal. I use a variety of ways to connect to my clients as my work environment is growing and evolving.

    Here are my questions:

    1) If I am installing and running Spybot using remote management software, is the local system account sufficient for installation? what about scans? I do have the ability to run processes as an Admin but I wanted to know what the recommendation was on this.

    2) Is there any documentation on the setup of the INF files (used with /LOADINF flag)? Is there any documentation on silent installation scenarios for Spybot 2.0? I have seen alot for prior versions

    3) What are the limits of the Technician license? It states 1 tech and an arbitrary number of computers.

    Essential my end goal is to integrate my spy-bot license into a scripted event similar to the Tron Script ( It is the necesarry spyware/malware element. I have items for the disk cleanup, MRT and MSERT scans can be scripted, as well as HitmanPro, McAfee stinger etc.. It would still only be used for a single support case at a time (i may purchase more if I need multiple threads).

    I essentaily need to know where I can find information on the automated installation, scanning and removal. I did not have much luck when I ran

    C:\Windows\Temp\Spybot2_License.exe /verysilent /suppressmsgboxes /log=C:\Programdata\RMM\Logs\ /noicons

    This installed Spybot, but when I ran SpybotSD.exe /taskbarhide /autoupdate /autocheck /autofix /autoclose the scan seemed to never complete correctly.

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Even if it is a link to a guide (i have been looking). Any documentation I find saves me hours.

    P.S. -- Is there any way to specify a log file output location for a specific scan? (like the /log=flag on the installer.)

    Thanks again.

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    Default Progress

    So far I have this
    Silent instalation commands
    %LOCATIONOFINSTALLER%\Spybot\Spybotinst.exe /verysilent /closeapplications /suppressmsgboxes /log=c:\LOGLOCATIONS\Spybot\installog.txt /dir="c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\" /noicons /saveinf=c:\windows\ltsvc\packages\Spybot\Installation.inf

    The /saveinf flag does not seem to be working for me as I was hoping this would generate an answer file I could use with the install (and possibly modify ). This portion can probably omitted but it hasn't caused me any errors.

    Running this on a system running ESET does not cause any issues. I have not tested with other local AV (though I do know there is a conflict with BitDefender and some of the definition update sites).

    AS far as running the scans the events (in order):

    1) IN-House temp file cleanup (because I am not sure how to run this useing the spybot CLI flags)
    2) "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdupdate" /autoupdate /silent /autoclose
    3) "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdimmunize.exe" /savelog /scan /immunize /silent /taskbarhide /autoclose
    4) "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdscan.exe" /scan /autoclean /silent /taskbarhide /autoclose
    5) "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdcleaner" /silent /taskbarhide /autoclean /autoclose
    6) "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdsysrepair.exe" /silent /taskbarhide /scan /autorepair /autoclose
    7) "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdlogreport" /autocreate /silent /taskbarhide

    Of course I will have to logic out the script to run these in tandem instead of simultaneous. I am also working on a solution to the elevation requirements.

    In any case if anyone else has any contributions it would be appreciated.

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