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Thread: Spybot 2.4 scan takes hours

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    Default Spybot 2.4 scan takes hours

    Spybot 2.4 is unusable. It takes hours and slows up the whole PC. (This is the first time I have ever used a forum.)

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    I sometimes get around it taking a while for a scan by running the scan when I'm busy doing something else,and away from the computer for a couple hours.

    If it's taking a very,very long time for the scan,and there's a block of time when you know you won't be using the computer,running a scan in safe mode may help it be a bit speedier.There's safe mode instructions here:

    There's also a minimal scan available,you can set that up by opening Spybot Start Center,checkmark Advanced User Mode,click Settings(say yes if prompted by UAC),then the categories tab.Rightclick somewhere in the window,and select Minimal Scan.Not as good as a full scan,but might be quicker,so you could try that sometime if you're short on time,but would still like to scan.

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    Default Re:Spybot 2.4 scan takes hours

    Try this. It will run the scan silently. It still takes just as long but you can check it later.
    c:\Spybotinstalationdirectory\sdscan.exe" /scan /silent /taskbarhide /autoclose

    Then just open the system scan, stop it and check the recent scans. It should be in there. Or you can navigate to


    And find the file name "Scan Results.YYMMDD-HHMM.txt". You can review the results here and try to clean them up from within the system or if you want to clean them all just run

    "c:\Program Files\SpybotSD\sdcleaner" /silent /taskbarhide /autoclean /autoclose

    This will clean silently as well. It does not fix the problem entirely, but I do not notice much impact when I run it this way.

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