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Thread: Do I need Spybot 2.x if I already have an AV ?

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    Default Do I need Spybot 2.x if I already have an AV ?

    Hey so I've been using Spybot for a while, completely forgot about manual updates and just popped one on, and it says about upgrading to 2.4, and you get AV.

    The thing is, I have ESET so I don't need the AV that the only addition to the 2.x series or is the Spybot part extended ?

    If it's just an AV inclusion there's no need for me to buy it but if there are extra features that aren't in it or ESET, or features that are in Malwarebytes so I can uninstall that and reduce the amount of different programs then I might as well go for it, however if the AV isn't an option to it and it's forced on, it'd be more detrimental than beneficial

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    There is also a free version of Spybot 2.4 available,with less features.The link to the free one is on the download page:

    The Home and Professional versions include antivirus,but there are also other things available with those as well.Here's the comparison chart to look at which shows what the free,home,and professional versions that are for private users have included with them.

    This is about the antivirus part:

    Since you already have an antivirus,if you wanted Home or Professional,then Live Protection can be disabled,if you've already got an antivirus with real-time protection:

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