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Thread: Win32.Autorun.sp error in a VB6 compiled program

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    Default Win32.Autorun.sp error in a VB6 compiled program

    I wrote a VisualBasic6 program. When compiled, it gets a "Win32.Autorun.sp" error. The program reads text data from about 140 input files, summarizes the data, and writes one output text file as it's reading the input files. SpyBot halts the execution after about 100 of the 140 files have been read. This occurs after about one second of execution time. In an effort to determine which input file was causing the error, I inserted a 50 milliseconds pause after each input file was read. Now, the error occurs after about 20 files have been read. I've varied the pause time from 10 ms to 1000 ms. The failure seems to occur after about one second of execution time, regardless of the length of the pause between files.

    When I run the program from the VB6 editor (IDC?), the program runs to completion without error.

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    Default Please submit sample or log(s) to out detection lab

    Hello yellowspoon,

    We cannot reproduce this issue. We need either the Rule-ID or the sample itself. Please commit the scanner logs and/or the mentioned VisualBasic6 program to for further analysis. We will check the problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards
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