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    Default SpyBot Registry Help

    What is safe to delete from the registry errors spybot finds? Hoping someone would take the time to let me know so i don't have to trial and error. Thanks

    Used to use 1.4 until recently 2.4. How come 1.4 will find a few things that 2.4 does not and vice versa? Same updated defintions.

    2.4 :


    :: RootAlyzer Results
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB40611$:SummaryInformation:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\$DATA"

    Check Registry files, there is no need for to check out the other files listed in the attachments. One section says internet explorer and media player; i don't have either one installed (k-lite media player classic different than microsofts media player [think it's refering to microsoft] is what i use) should be deleted?

    2.4 = 150417-1812.txt attachment

    1.4 = 150419-1927.txt attachment (fake bho and fraud xpdefender, two sections that 2.4 does not find are safe to delete, don't have to read those entries)
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