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Thread: Spybot has no clue about Cryptowall!

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    Default Spybot has no clue about Cryptowall!

    I've been a fan and supporter of spybot back when its list of malware was 600 long!
    A week ago when I was installing the dreaded chromes browser from what seemed like a legit website ( the computer was infected with the cryptowall virus.
    Not only did it get past "live protection", but several complete scans including the rootkit found nothing.
    Another software called malwarebytes, easily found it in the start up processes.

    The new spybot version really messed up the UI, especially the good old startup list and its snapshot function.
    Now I have no clue what I'm looking at.

    Beware you are not protected against the cryptowall virus, or let me know if I'm wrong.
    Good info on the supernasty cryptowall is here:
    There seems to be a form of "immunization" against it (see above web page) which spybot also know not about.
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