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Thread: Recent update causing Windows Action Center to show repeated warning

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    Angry Recent update causing Windows Action Center to show repeated warning

    I started working on my computer today and was noticing that Windows Action Center was repeatedly flashing a warning. After watching it flash 30-40 times I was finally able to see that is was saying that Windows Defender and Spybot were being turned off. I fished around recent installs, looked through the event viewer, and was eventually able to see that Spybot was throwing the events. I uninstalled Spybot and the warnings stopped. Assuming it was a bad update. I then completed a new installation and the warnings began flashing again. I have had Spybot installed since around New Year and have not had an issue until now. Is there another way to stop the warnings, or should I see if an update in the near future resolves the issue. It is incredibly annoying to have my taskbar bouncing up and down continuously while trying to work. My other concern is that in the multitude of moments that Spybot and my firewall or turned off, I will be vulnerable to other issues. Please advise, thanks.

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    What was showing in Event Viewer?

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    Does Windows Defender have Live Protection or some equivalent? If it does, you can prevent clashes by disabling it on either WD or Spybot.

    To disable "Live Protection" on Spybot, please do the following:

    - Open Spybot by right clicking on the Spybot icon and click “Run as Administrator”.

    - Click “Advanced User Mode”

    - Go to "Settings" then click on the "Live Protection“ tab.

    - Untick the checkbox for "Scan programs before they start".

    - Click "Apply“ and then "OK“.

    There is also a button for "Show Live Protection advanced controls" on this page.

    If you click this button you will see two options:

    "Uninstall Live Protection (might need reboot)"


    "Deactivate Live Protection".

    You can choose either of these.

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