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Thread: 1.6 vs 2.?

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    Default 1.6 vs 2.?

    Help!!! First of all, I am an old man sort of set in my ways. Second, I had downloaded v 2.0 and there were so many settings, none of which I understood I was afraid to use it. The great thing about v 1.6, other than it worked so well, was you just downloaded it and it worked as is! Can I just download the new version and run it without messing around with any setting that I do not know anything about.

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    The 2.3(and the 2.4 after it)was made to be more user friendly:
    That simplfied things quite a bit,though it isn't exactly like 1.6.2,and there might be a bit of looking around and learning about the new version,if you got it.

    If you did go with 2.4,there are some tutorials available:
    Ignore the part about sdhelper,though,that is no longer in 2.4.
    There is also a how-to section:
    And the FAQ:

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