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    Although I have run the immunisation process several times already, the counter in the lower screen does not refelect any number, it says: last immunisation unknown, in fact every subject on immunisation is unknown.
    I run the professional edition 2.4.

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    For your question here:
    No,as far as I am aware,when you have the professional edition,the system scan includes an antivirus scan,and there is no way to exclude that from the scan that I am aware of.Live Protection can be disabled,though.
    If you wanted to,you could set Spybot to run a minimal or most active scan,and that might be quicker.You'd do that by checkmarking Advanced User Mode,select Settings(saying yes to the UAC prompt),then the categories tab.Rightclick somewhere in the window and select Minimal Scan or Most Active Malware Scan.That's not really something you'd want to do all the time,though,and I believe antivirus scanning is included in those scans as well.

    The immunization includes a system check,but after that you need to Apply Immunization.Did you apply immunization?

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