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Thread: 2400 Temporary Files Can't Be Deleted - In Use?

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    Default 2400 Temporary Files Can't Be Deleted - In Use?

    Hey, my PC is really slow right now, I like to do virus scans etc with AVG, spybot and anti-malware bites and it reckons there are no viruses. However, spybot says there are 2400 temporary files that cannot be deleted and are in use. Are these malicious items?

    How do I get rid of them??? I'm worried.

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    No,the 2400 temporary files aren't necessarily malicious.They could be in use by another program,or they might be set as read-only for some reason.You could probably go to your temp folder location and check things out.They shouldn't be important being temporary files,but you never know.Rightclick some temp files and check and see if they're read only,and if you can determine if they might be being used by some program.
    I believe the location that Spybot removes temp files from is in the folder at C:\WINDOWS\Temp.When I checked before,that seemed to be the location:
    Or,an alternate possible location is at C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\Temp if you have a Vista computer or later.

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