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Thread: Cannot Update Windows

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    Default Cannot Update Windows

    Nearly 1 year ago I was having issues with my laptop so I tried to do a complete system restore, which did not work. I came here to the forums and received great help removing the malware. I'm now having issue being able to update Windows 7. Every time my laptop installs the update my browser stops working. I keep receiving a popup from Windows Activation Technologies telling me "This computer is not running genuine Windows". When I follow the link it wants me to purchase Windows. I can't see spending $150 on another Home Edition of Windows when I have a key on the sticker right on the bottom of my laptop. Can someone please help me?
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    Hello Hotdogneck,

    I found several topics and articles regarding Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) platform in Windows 7.

    For instance:
    This thread at the Microsoft Answers Forum.


    I suggest you register at What The Tech and start a topic in this forum: Microsoft Windows™

    There a tech can assist and try to resolve the issue.

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