After running Spybot Anti-Beacon my anti-virus software Bitdefender Total Security warns me for an infection of the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Bitdefender adds that it has desinfected the item. It also claims the virus is Trojan.QHost.Gen.

I'm running Spybot Anti-Beacon 1.0.4 (installer version) on Windows 8.1.

Before the warning Spybot Anti-Beacon showed a 100% protection. After the virus warning, I ran Anti-Beacon again and now the protection level is only 22% (7 of 32). None of the Telemetry Hosts are blocked, the other three (Telemetry Group Policy, CEIP Group Policy and CEIP Scheduled Tasks) are all blocked (see image). The optional Remote Registry Service is "all blocked" too.