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Thread: New Hardware/Software issue question

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    I just received a brand new sealed package with a programmable 12 button USB game controller. In the package (listed contents: game controller, driver CD and basic installation guide) came a notice that the product user manual would be on the CD included in the package along with a trouble shooting guide. The CD that I received had the following options: 1) "Files Currently on the Disc (1)" A folder listed as "USB-Gamepad" containing 4 driver files 2) an option listed as "Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc (1)" "desktop.ini".
    My issue is that I have never seen another "driver CD" with this apparent option to write on the CD and there is no trouble shooting guide or user manual. I am wondering at the suspect way a supposed bigger electronics company has packaged this product. As a person who has suffered a brain injury I am uncertain if I am just being paranoid or if I should do something to protect my computer in regards to installing this software?
    OS Windows 10
    Show hidden files is turned on
    Hide extensions for known file types is off
    PS I need the programmable features of the controller to allow me to configure it for different games.
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