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Thread: spysheriff in registry

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    Default spysheriff in registry


    Is it possible that my Spybot log is listing a false positive in this registry key? I am forcing active desktop. There are no other signs of any malware other than this one entry. I've tried removing my forced entry to see if I get the spysheriff desktop message and I don't. As soon as I apply the active desktop policy and run Spybot, it's back. I've also tried changing the value myself with the same result.

    My thought is that forcing the desktop is a symptom of spysheriff so it is reported that way but if I have no other signs, it's a false positive.

    Thank you.

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    Default Reviewed and identified as FP

    Hello nespony05,

    we can confirm, that flagging this key...

    Quote Originally Posted by nespony05 View Post
    without other SpySheriff items found is a fp (false positive). We will fix this in the next update. Thanks for reporting this.

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