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Thread: Update issue error (0xc0000022)

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    Default Update issue error (0xc0000022)

    Today there were some updates to my Windows computer. I have an ACER Aspire Z1620. After the updates, I found that I could not play my DVDs on my computer. I use media that came with my computer. I have never had problems before. My husband helped me restore back to before the updates. I did get a pop up message that said the update was incomplete and there was an error code (0xc0000022).

    I am able to play my DVDs now, but am concerned that there may be an issue with the updates. It is as though something blocked my media software.

    I am sure that this is not malware or a virus, but was wondering if others have had issues with recent Windows updates.

    BTW, I do have Spybot Pro and love it.
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    Hi Suemarie,

    Can you let me know the operating system please, then I can look for any recent issues with Windows Updates.

    Glad you like Spybot Pro.
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