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Thread: Pls check my RootAlyzer outputs and advise re further steps

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    Question Pls check my RootAlyzer outputs and advise re further steps

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie woth RootAlyzer. This is what it's found. However no Action was shown, so I am not sure what to do with this crap.
    Any advice from more experienced users will be very much appreciated

    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Windows\Temp\FacRecovery\mount:$WIMMOUNTDATA:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive:ms-properties:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive\Share:ms-properties:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive\Документы:ms-properties:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive\Документы\Новая папка:ms-properties:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive\Документы\Новая папка (2):ms-properties:$DATA"
    File:"Unknown ADS","C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Scanned Documents\Приветствие программы сканирования.jpg:3or4kl4x13tuuug3Byamue2s4b:$DATA"
    RegyKey:"No admin in ACL","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nsi\{eb004a11-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}","8"
    RegyKey:"No admin in ACL","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Nsi\{eb004a11-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}","8"
    RegyKey:"No admin in ACL","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Svc","Upgrade"
    RegyKey:"No admin in ACL","HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE","\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InputMethod\Jpn","DuState"
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