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Thread: SpyBot and other protection software

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    Default SpyBot and other protection software


    Kaspersky Total Security and MalwareBytes are doing quite a good job on my Win10 Pro PC. I also installed SpyBot the other day and am thinking about to get a home or preofessinal licence. This is to support the programmers, who I think did a pretty good job, and double check not to get infected through some backdoor bug other more popular or already installed progs might overread. Malware and Kaspersky are perfectly working together. One prog covers the area the other doesn't. This is very helpful when you install new programs and wanrt to avoid pup software i.e.

    Both SpyBot upgrade editions come with an Antivirus, a job that is already covered by Kaspesky on my system, and two AV progs on one system might interfere themselves. They are also equipped with many other helpful assistants. Is it useful to get an upgrade or leave it like it is with the free edition to avoid a slowing down of the system or even worse an interference of the programs themselves.

    I do not want to panic or overreact. The idea behind is that I do work with many client data. They send me pics, datasheets, text files, reports etc. which can nicely be used to hide unwanted crab. I am also testing programs once in a while if they are useful and can be

    Does anybody have experiance with that?

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    Hello Lindloon,

    It appears you have a setup that is working for you so perhaps stay with our free version for now.

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