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Thread: Missing Scheduled Tasks

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    Default Missing Scheduled Tasks

    So I have the Home edition of Spy Bot 2, and I wanted to go setup scheduled scans. I followed the instructions from the FAQ here:

    When I get to the Click on Spybot -- Search & Destroy folder in the Task Scheduler Library, I only have 1 entry listed. 'Check for updates'. I can't find any other tasks. -- screen shot

    If I try to then create a new task (basic or regular), everything seems to work correctly ( I pick SDScan.exe along with some options found from /help) and it appears to create successfully. However, if I try to alter it (fix trigger time for example), I only get an error indicating something is wrong with the XML in the task.

    Also, I noticed that in Spybot Settings, under the 'Schedule' tab, all sections have N/A listed (MRU Scan, Scan and Immunization). The only section with valid values is the 'Updates' section -- screen shot to show what I mean

    Can anyone help? Perhaps export your tasks and send to me via PM?

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    Hello Arvoreen,

    You could open a support ticket here:

    Best regards.
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