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    Default Badoo restricted site

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2
    Browser and Version: All
    Version of Spybot:, just updated definitions
    Where did the false positive occur: not reachable/restricted website

    I'm user of Badoo site, and the Spybot immunization of the Windows Global Hosts adds a restriction for Badoo site and blocks it.

    Every time I immunize my system, have to edit the Hosts file and delete this two lines.

    Can you whitelist Badoo site?


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    Hello Exchequer,

    You can create a whitelist:

    Best regards.
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    I'm talking about the Spybot immunization, not the system scan.

    The whitelist you are referring is to avoid files from being scanned in the system scan, not in the immunization of the browsers and the Hosts file.

    What I'm asking for is that you whitelist (or not continue blocking) the Badoo site from the Host file immunization.

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