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Thread: Help needed after Windows 10 Refresh

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    Default Help needed after Windows 10 Refresh

    Hi I just had to refresh windows 10 on my PC. Spybot is there but there is nowhere to put my old licence key in. How can I check if I am running the licensed edition, and if I'm not, how can I enter my key. Any help very much appreciated.

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    Rightclick Spybot Start Centre and select Run As Administrator. In the bottom right corner, select Show Details. Underneath Spybot at the top with the magnifying glass, it should show your Spybot edition as a clickable link. If it's the licensed edition it should show as Home Edition, Professional Edition, etc. If it shows as Free Edition, then you'll need to put in your license key. Click on Free Edition, then select the Your License tab. That is where you can input your license key by pressing the Enter a new license key button.

    If there is nowhere available to input your license key after following the above steps, you'll need to update Spybot. You might have to close and reopen Spybot Start Centre to see it.

    If none of the above works then there is a sticky post here with a link to recovering lost licenses:

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