So I installed Spybot Anti-Beacon sometime earlier this year. At the time I was using Gmail and didn't have any interest in using the apps that came with Windows 10. Now I am interested in using the Mail and Calendar app but I am having a problem. I cannot undo the Immunization I did with the OneDrive Service, nor can I undo the "Office 15 (2013) Telemetry Scheduled Tasks" and the "Office 16 (2016) Telemetry Tasks" immunizations. In other words I want everything unblocked and wish to rid Spybot Anti-Beacon from my PC. Uninstalling Spybot Anti-Beacon doesn't work, reinstalling and trying to undo the immunizations again doesn't work, and uninstalling Mail and Calendar with Microsoft PowerShell and reinstalling them on the Windows Store doesn't work. I'm out of ideas and decided to come here to have my issues fixed. *FORGOT TO ADD! I can only unblock one of the two OneDrive Service immunizations. I cannot undo the last one...*