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Thread: Uninstalled, browsers cease to work.

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    Default Uninstalled, browsers cease to work.

    Hi folks, I've been using Spybot on and off for years now it's always been a great bit of software however I noticed recently it started to use a lot of network traffic and I wanted to try an alternative product to see if matters improved. I'm by no means great with networking, in fact I'd say it's my biggest weakness with PC's! I've build my own in the past but ask me about networks and I'm as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    Basically, I uninstalled the program last night via control panel, undid my immunisations etc and rebooted my PC. Following this neither IE or Chrome would work, "cannot connect to remote device" and something about port 21320. All other internet connectivity was fine, teamspeak... games etc all working normally.

    I reinstalled Spybot, and my browsers are working fine (hence how I'm typing this post!). Something "breaks" when I uninstall Spybot, and I'm completely at a loss to what it could be. If any of you resident networking wizzards could throw a few pointers my way I'd be very grateful!

    FYI I'm running the latest version of Chrome as my primary browser, Win 7 HP again fully updated. My ISP is BT with one of their standard home hub routers.

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    I found that sometimes browser background hot-fixes will mess add-ons or third-party software access. So yeah, monthly I have to uninstall/re-install programs affected by changes. But then that is part of your InterTubes Experience! -)


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