A couple of days ago I booted up my computer and attempted to launch my browser (I use Google Chrome) and my screen turned blue with a quick msg that said something like unexpected error computer must restart and something about sending an error report? My computer screen went black pretty quickly but did not power down completely. The green lights on the tower were still on. I had to manually turn it off by pressing the power button. I waited for several minutes before turning it back on. It powered on but the screen was black. I turned it off again, unplugged everything (I'm not sure why I did it) plugged everything back in and powered it back on and it froze at the first screen (which is the Dell Bios screen) I left it for a long time (20 minutes or more) and it never progressed. Later I turned my computer on and it booted up as usual and I was able to use it until I was done. I ran Spybot and fixed what was found. The next day it wouldn't power up properly again. I had to repeat it three or four times to get it to fully boot up. I don't know if it's a hardware or software problem. I thought I would check with the experts at Safer-Networking to find out if this was happening to anyone else and could be fixed.

I'm using Windows 10.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thanks, Tonia