Hello Tonia, thanks for getting back to me.

With the problems this computer is having and the age of it I think at this point to try and get it fixed maybe like throwinig money out the window. You may just be better off getting a new one.

Last year a friend of mine bought a refurb from Dell and so far she has been happy with it, she got a small form desktop and I believe she only paid around $249, but it just came with the tower, mouse and keyboard, no monitor. You may want to consider a laptop, the 17" ones are just like having a tower. Look for one that has windows 10, if they only come with Win 7 thats fine, win 7 will be around for a few more years, maybe 5 oor 6. Just stay away from Windows 8, it was horrible


You can also look at Costco online, they always have nice deals on computers, it depends on what you want to spend, see some nice ones for maybe $600, but there all new, not refurbished and there guaranteed by Costco, any problems you can just return it. Myself I have always been partial to Dell, but thats me


If there are docs and pics on your old drive you can buy a hard drive docking station, you just pull the old drive out and place it in the docking station and hook it up to your new computer via a USB cable and you will be able to go into your old drive and copy and paste any docs or pics you want to keep from the old drive to your new computer. I have done this and this is the unit I used. I actually use my old hard drive for back up, using this unit I can transfer my docs and pics maybe once a month to my old hard drive as backup


Again I will keep this thread open for you, i would like to know what you decide