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Thread: Trojan in Spybot Anti-Beacon installation file?!

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    Default Trojan in Spybot Anti-Beacon installation file?!

    Hello, I am new to the forums (I normally don't post to sites).
    I felt compelled to go through the registration process here in order to post because I am very concerned. I was going to post this in a malware forum or something similar until I found this one specific to the file concerned. Please let me know if this belongs somewhere else (I am tempted to post this again in one of the other forums but I will give some time for a reply here before doing so).

    I had multiple scans via Virus Total and Jotti run (was just checking all files in my downloads folder for safety before transferring them to a new computer) and they both flagged the installation file SDAntiBeacon-1.5.exe as a Trojan program! Unfortunately, I downloaded this program and installed it sometime ago on my laptop WITHOUT scanning it first (yes I know my fault) because I had grown to trust Safer-Networking (maybe too much?). Below are screenshots showing that:
    Bkav AV listed a W32.Clodbf9.Trojan.4c5e and VBA32 AV listed a BScope.Trojan-Spy.Lpxenur found in the Anti-Beacon installation file! The file is digitally signed by Safer-Networking Ltd. and was downloaded from their official site. Unfortunately I do not see an option here to attach the file in question.

    SD AntiBeacon Virus.JPG
    SD AntiBeacon Virus 2.jpg

    Are these false positives? If so, what measures will be taken to correct this?

    Thank you in advance for addressing this issue.

    Best Regards,
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