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Thread: Spy Bot license exe file is not opening on my laptop... running SpyBot free version..

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    Post Spy Bot license exe file is not opening on my laptop... running SpyBot free version..

    Hi there: for those of you from Ireland, I believe my heraldry comes from there. Getting to my challenge, when I double click on the Spy Bot license.exe file that I received from for my Pro purchase today, it did absolutely nothing. I downloaded it again, and did it again, and still, nothing happened. I put the file into my jump drive, and then installed it in my new Windows 7 desktop hard drive, with a newly installed operating system, and I was able to install the Spy Bot software on it.

    Here is my challenge. I have a file that will not go away in my laptop. I believe that it is malware, and that this is the file that is stopping my Vista laptop from properly operating. I will run another malware scan on it to get the name of the file. It is the only file that free SpyBot cannot get rid of. From what I can remember, it has the word "slim" in the name. Thank you, and I say God is Good. That is just a part of who I am!
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    Hello AJMiley,

    For someone to take a look at the system in the Malware Removal Forum please start a new topic there after reading that forum's FAQ which includes instructions in post #2 on how to provide the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and aswMBR, which are the logs used in the preliminary analysis.

    Then a volunteer analyst will respond.

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