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Thread: Is startup Makes sure spybot 2 is there on windows 10 legit?

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    Default Is startup Makes sure spybot 2 is there on windows 10 legit?

    Hi guys, I was not sure. I found it among startup items, in task manager.
    I searched on google,it belongs to your company and is related to process Test.exe.
    It was located in program files/commonfiles/av/Spybot search and destroy.

    I scanned my pc with couple of antispywareprograms (roguekiller,malwarebytes,mbar)+eset. Found nothing.

    But I found conflicting information about the service on the net, about its safety. Is it safe?
    I even uploaded it to few online scanners,it came clean to all of them,except for one.

    I uninstalled spybot, test exe still remained. I deleted the folder.
    Now instead of "makes sure that..." on startup in task manager I see Test.exe.

    Is it legit please? Thanks.

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    Hello salenai,

    Please see this post,

    Actually, test.exe is there specially to avoid UAC, which would only appear when the installer needs to run. test.exe simply checks for the proper circumstances (Windows 10, no Spybot installed, no previous attempt), and launches the UAC part only when necessary.
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