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Thread: Spybot Updater no longer completes downloading updates

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    Default Spybot Updater no longer completes downloading updates

    While updating Spybot, the updater does not progress beyond the following file:

    [00:13.723] [+] File "" needs to be downloaded.

    The green bar has stayed 75% of the way for a good 30minutes and we have fibre 25MBPS.

    Can someone tell what could be the reason for it and why I cannot update Spybot?


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    Further to that said above by another contributer, I have the same sort of problem on 2 laptops. One runs W7 and the other W8.1 and both are fully updated but without going to W10.

    In both cases it starts to update the signatures but then comes to a halt at about 50%. The information window shows:

    [00:00.843] [+] spybotsd2-updater-update.exe is missing and will be installed (version
    [00:00.983] [+] (version 20160727) needs to be updated (to version 20160921).

    But it goes no further!

    How do I, and others, resolve this and get a fully updated S&D system, please?

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