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Thread: Weird things happened - MALWARE frustratlions. folders PRACOPH and PHIZOTHER

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    Question Weird things happened - MALWARE frustratlions. folders PRACOPH and PHIZOTHER

    Late Friday evening I stupidly downloaded something not thinking and got more than i bargained for.
    Clearance of this defeated me for a time. Chrome was hijacked and brought you "TROTUX" and many other things beside. I knew I copped it.
    Every time the culprit folders were deleted - they would come back 1.1 or 2.1... inc Sunnyboy among others. Sadly Spy Bot, despite quarantining them just did not clear them. Following forum advice I used, Adware, Malwarebytes and finally HitmanPRo which did the trick. So thank you SPYBOT forum for that.

    Having a habit of looking at the program files which landed about the time of the infestation, I noticed another new folder which appeared Viz. PRACOPH in the PROGRAM (x86) files. While I did glimpse it in the eradication runs, that particular folder has remained.

    Also, when I was trying to uninstall insidious items, the other new folder PHIZOTHER popped up. And again that has remained.

    Not that I profess to know anything much about computers, I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about these folders please?
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