First of all, I am very gratefull for such a simple yet powerfull tool, for free! Thank you to the developers for, ah, developing it!
On to my problem. Just today spybot stopped responding at various points in the scan. Once it stopped at the very last file! But locked up like all the other times before it could get to the next screen.
I have a p4 3.2GHz machine with a gig of RAM, running Win XP Pro SP2. I noticed that SP2 does interfere with some of my programs, but I can usually get them to work after awhile. But I have had Sp2 for awhile and this freezing just started today. I uninstalled spybot, re-installed it, and got all the appropriate updates. No help there, still locked up.
So I searched the Forums for like problems and found a thread that had a fix that permanently set the CPU affinity to the "0" CPU for those of us with Hyperthreading. I tried this fix and got to the point where I imput "imagecfg -a 0x1 SpybotSD.exe" (no quotes) and get the message "IMAGECFG: unable to map and load SpybotSD.exe"
I didn't mistype the command or anything, it just does not seem to see the SpyboySD.exe, even though, when I open the Spybot directory, SpybotSD.exe is right there. Weird.
Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?
I thank you for your help. Todd :-)