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Thread: new mean targeted cookie on chat/mail sending while reporting something

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    Red face new mean targeted cookie on chat/mail sending while reporting something


    I would like Spybot to investigate over this kind of issue that Yahoo complicates investigation:

    Today I'm not in Windows, so not related to you, but evidence this cookie type does exist because it targets what to block by telling me no internet connection.
    I was reporting an old game issue both to Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Windows chat. I did put Microsoft Windows on 3rd Party because if I contact Paypal, game will delete me.

    So Yahoo told me no internet connection and Microsoft Windows chat told me no internet connection, while Google search told me internet connection working fine and Facebook was working well also. Waited 5 min, nothing changed, so I had to close both Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Windows chat with button. When I closed Yahoo, mail was sent.

    I think hackers spying on the internet over us reporting issues about stupid game thieves and maybe other hackers they don't know about in games. As if some supreme evil force trying to protect all the evil ones from being reported. As if was to frighten me but 0 effect. I find it cool. Curious also of cause.

    You don't need to know my game issue to investigate on that. I am in Linux side where I got this problem, but same problem would have happened if I were on Windows side. In game we may also experience similar problem that we call char freeze/escort drop and sometimes DC bug, more similar to disconnect bug called DC by gamers, no idea if related.

    Maybe it's not a cookie but it targets sending information with specific content that discuss suspect issues.

    Thank you very much for reply, here are the screenshots. I had avoided sending you any personal information for you to focus on cause not on blabla. Big chance the robot that does this is not at all related to issue. =)

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    Today same problem during a few min then solved, including your spybot website.

    No idea what causes this partial block of the internet, where half sites doesn't have connection and Google and Facebook works fine.

    It's some weird DNS block perhaps ? I suppose same problem then yesterday. I have you in my Windows 10 side, but I mostly use Linux side. But it's a browser problem. Some new icon you could advise me of ? I have Adblock Plus, uBlockOrigin and HTTPS everywhere.

    So today my game, yahoo mail and spybot websites were blocked for a few min but not Google search and Facebook.

    Is it a hacker or someone investigating my game issue ? I don't think it's someone investigating my game issue because in game it's forbidden to create a Paypal issue, even if my issue is with another player, not in game. But both players and game are not translucid and seem to have a lot of hidden things. Issue also includes problem with a player that changed his mind over a friend that game said to him they transfered him, but game being chinese, they are never clear when they speak, so same person was also checked by game by me asking, if it had hacked it or not, so you don't know who is who neither in player side, neither in game side, too much evil everywhere and too many people pretending to be other people inside and outside, so nothing clear at all. But this hacking issue is not a direct problem between me and player, it's just that player wanted me to pretend to be him after having gave him char back, and with my doubts of him being him and of him have not sold someone else's char, to ask game to transfer him, and game is not clear if they do transfer rich people or not, but surely they don't transfer middle rich chars as the char that I bought, no idea how the others convinced game to transfer them or if they think they talked with game, and game is not organised in information, so they could only have wrong information about case or poor information, because they don't confirm e-mail, so the guy who is supposed to have a degree in informatics and to work in it while he doesn't know how to use neither game neither the internet neither change an e-mail, and I helped him during one year try to TOP UP, but he never went to the end of my help, because he didn't want no TOP UP website to know his identity, and I was wrong to help him, because he is from complicate weird country, so I can't know at all if he is one person or two, neither at which 1 year period the person changed, perhaps too long ago to prove it. I don't care about the money neither about the char I bought, but dealing with weirdos in a game was no good, so next time I buy a char, I'll cut off the seller even if he cries to become my best friend or even he needs me. I think I did small corruption by buying a char, and game and/or other players did big corruption with these exclusive char transfer, and probably seller did small corruption by selling someone else's char who identity can't be find at all in the internet and whom mailbox is dead, not sure Microsoft will reveal to game identity of person from this closed unreachable mailbox that is in their delete list for maybe tons of years, because they don't have the right to, so maybe it's not possible to prove that the seller of the char is the same then the person I gave back the char, because identity switch took place 1 year ago, and maybe it's not possible to prove that the seller was a long time pilot because 50% chance that was a mail that he invented in his mind as he said since he is from complicated country where it is forbidden to use money on the internet, mostly on a chineese money eater game, and 99% chances if the person in this e-mail name is the owner of a char, and not a random identity the seller took on the net, that this person doesn't use the internet anymore. For their char transfer hell, I think the bad guy is his friend, because I don't like him, he is unpolite too far, because I heard things of him, but I never have talked to him, but some say this big VIP player appears inside big VIP chars just before they get transferred by game, so no one knows the truth in these cheating tales. But this doesn't have a direct link with my problem, it's just why the seller hates me because I refused to pretend to be him because I don't believe that game does transfer chars to help everyone cheat, and I can't know truth in this subject.

    So messing with me is not nice. Next time I buy any virtual good even to best friend, I'll ban the seller and that's it.

    Thank you very much.

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    --( If there was a " seller " switch or a personality switch because of economically oppressive country, it took place the 13 juin 2016, because before he wanted to buy VIP9 CHAR for 100dollars, but we couldn't find VIP9 CHAR. And after he started asking me more money. And that was the day he lost his NAME account password. So he is him since he lost that password. As for CHAR VIP7+VIP5, no idea if german account exists, is the true owner's account because some chance he found that e-mail on the internet to hide him using this money in a country where it is forbidden to use money in the internet, or some chance he is a long time pilot from an inactive account who quitted internet. The only hic, is that the first CHAR VIP7 mail account exists but user has disappeared from the internet, and Microsoft doesn't have the right of revealing to whom this internet account belonged. What NAME had said to me is that he invented hole of this e-mail account in his mind because he likes using fake mail accounts and he did never created it. But there is no way for me to reach whatever information out of this e-mail account. So nothing can be proved. One chance also he is just a weirdo with an aggressive side and all of this is misunderstood. Because maybe he did TOP UP in CHAR VIP7 in the past, but game is against contacting Paypal, so we can't ever be sure that game can verify name of the person who did payment from the invoice they have without asking us. Would not be normal if game cannot read their own invoices without us. )--

    --(Also I have another seller issue but she is not arguing with me, it is just that she has no guild since she sold me game items last year, so I can't delete her, and best pilot I had did create some stupid small chars in her to insult someone else in game, but she is not making a fuss out of it neither the person insulted by those chars, so all OK, by now, and I'm not buying nothing else from her, although in that position I was buyer looking for seller and she wasn't seller looking for buyer. And I am friend with all of them so I don't wish them to get deleted neither.)--

    --(So that was it pilots, we need them, but we can't trust them. Better not be piloted and stay weak in web role playing games. So you become the laugh out of others, but needs a strong personality not to give away your passwords. And needs a much more stronger not to believe the others telling you how they cheated which is probably lies (problem are the followers, too many stupid to believe, be needing people to pretend to be them that game would trust better then them or that have the proof they don't that account is theirs or that speak better english then them, be clicking on links that promise big cheat, be spamming with copy-paste comments that promise big cheat will appear out of nowhere). Main problem I have in guild is I scream with everyone: no teenager/young adult change their passwords, even if I scream hacker, even if they change pilot, and sure they use the same password everywhere and they don't care, and they are not as paranoiac in passwords as my generation, neither as self paranoiac as the " seller " with oppressive economy country, young generation is too trusty, and they do hope to overcome us with that much trust. Because they can make their chars invincible and immortal with trust.)--

    Then behind it all unknown hacker signs. That doesn't do nothing to your game accounts. But I hope not to see anymore fright movies. Same then car lights. So this DNS doesn't exist is like the UFO, some sign no one can interpret. But sounds evil, doesn't sound nice.

    You can do 1001 theories about everything since proof is out there and internet is at prehistorical age. That is what new generation that trusts all unknown people with their passwords prove it. Internet was not made to exchange personal information. The net thinks to be re-thinked. We need public open ID, one only way anyone can verify anyone is the same person anytime. WE NEED PUBLIC OPEN ID. Like that no matter new fake name, or weird behaviour, or aggressive because lots think it's cool to be aggressive, frightening and unpolite, it proves you are the man and not the other, you can trust the other person. We need a way to trust the other person because people don't know how to write to each other, and we can't make the difference between weirdos and thiefs, between big liars and big secrets. Internet security and conception was all build in wrong way. We are at prehistorical times. There is no way to handle the new generation that don't care about passwords and that gives them to first unknown that asks it.

    Maybe the seller has a behaviour problem, plus trusted some lies that he believed transfer his char was possible only with the help of a trustable person like me who would convince game instead of him or because he did not find a way to remove my mail from his char, because no matter how many diplomas in informatics he has, he doesn't understand that double mail not permitted and that mail doesn't prove ownership as he believed, so maybe he is just a stupid who wanted help in cheat and that more over did not know how to convince me till the end of it since he is not nice and can't say thank you, and can only almost blackmail, and maybe he did put someone else's identity by accident in his char, and maybe game does not have access to invoices on their side, and since everyone uses fake names and that he is afraid of convincing game but not afraid of convincing me, he has run away and blocked all his friends in the internet, for not being able to solve alone his owns internet problems. And because he is from a country alike the other unclear business on the internet, all the internet is unclear since users that speak bad of websites get deleted even if they paid expensive the websites. So to pay whatever online doesn't make you the owner of it neither the rights to use it for life, so hole internet is corrupted. Because no where selling is normal. So teenagers and young adults sees that internet is only corruption and not real life, and since they don't have much real life, they start believing they will become like the internet is if they use it too much. Hole internet has big problems, and when you add weird countries like China or India, normal you find yourself in front of hide and seek people because their entire lives is hide and seek. So internet does not help problematics countries in becoming normal. And does not help open countries in staying open. The hole internet is wrong construction, wrong thinking.

    Needs a new internet where people are people and not hide and seek game. SPAM issues and over paid telephone issues with lies written and said are past and present. But just the beginning of the fact that HOLE INTERNET IS WRONG IN INTERACTIONS AND IN WHO IS WHO. So maybe only wrong people can get blamed. Worse then working in a shop were you are afraid of being accused of stealing if you spoke bad of them. No person to person interaction in real life, no person to shop in real life interaction, in what concerns buying goods work like that. A virtual good in a game is like a personal doll, you may buy it, but you may want to give it back, but you need to know if the person liked his doll, he didn't like his doll, and if the person is the first true owner of his doll, this has no way to be proved when moreover you said you had put fake ownership on it by yourself. And moreover the dolls are immortal, so many owners can have had them, and many pilots who don't own her too.

    And moreover we don't know who is watching and who is ruling, what forces are in the internet. Behind any one words: commercials who are 90% liars about product issues and 10% marketing force, hackers, evil eyes, gamers who are 40%cheaters 40%bug searchers 20%honest that can't succeed, policemens, and websites owners that want to clean their reputation and report bad things about who speaks bad of them of anything. And all this shit in a concept that is wrong cannot work. Internet will be closed if it evolves like that. Those who support actual internet conception are not good people.

    So any theory would be wrong.

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    Had same problem with Google search (but did last less) and Facebook, so I had to switch to Windows side (double boot pc), delete old cookies and warn whoever nicely that I could send report to you. Linux doesn't use anti-virus yet alike Mac, but the problem is browsers needs anti-virus.

    Here is what I had thought of all this. Of course I am wrong: person to person account buying/selling has 0 chance to be successfull, needs a merchant and in future will need much more, internet thinking (not only security, but conceptualization) needs evolve to become compatible with it. Whereas all I can say is that. May game think whatever, I don't care.

    Had as reply from weird interaction opening message to comment on Facebook but problem is whatever I typed in english was translated to french, so I had to go in my profile facebook to write my opinions.

    I hope it can help, here I may also add, internet is not ready for game pilots neither, but that's another topic. And internet not ready for young adults and teenagers neither and that's another topic. Etc. I don't think my topic will change a thing. But I hope the future will change internet. Nothing is good in it, sorry.

    I'll write again
    Game is against selling accounts because:
    1) the way the web was thinked is not aim trust but hide
    2) no confirm e-mail in game
    3) they can't know names in invoices, and most invoices are in fake names
    4) invoice prooves ownership but if TOP UP is a gift then it doesn't prove ownership
    5) all the client/seller/merchant relation in the internet has nothing to do if you go to a commercial shop with a shop gift card and you buy a piece of clothe for you
    6) game chars are personal like dolls, but since no one has laws for dolls perhaps it's why all games owns the chars we create and make evolve. But dolls are a relation of loving them. It's different from selling, I never had sold a toy of mine, here in France lots of children sells their toys and are happy with it, so I can't understand it, not same thing then selling a new article or a not personal article.
    7) problem can also be seen social way, all chars belongs to a small society of love/hate friend/ennemy, although those links can be re-think.
    8 ) most char owners, most game players are weirdos, and only think what is the best cheat to become the strongest, so dangerous if they ask you more money outside selling, or ask you to do wrong things with the char you just bought, just to help them become stronger.
    9) But the problem is that the internet is not going to find a way to prevent people from selling chars or from giving chars free, but the problem is as it remains not yet really legal and as there is a risk of ban, there is a big risk of blackmail: if you tell my char was bought/sold etc. People play on fright.
    10) selling chars don't hurt no one
    11) if you don't sell your char someone will sell it instead of you since hole internet is based on hide and not on identity both side confirm track. and because everyone pilots everyone.
    I'll copy paste that. Selling game account is up to suddenly appear as massive way of getting lots of money for seller side and a playable char for someone with no time. So it may be forbidden, but it can't be prevented from occuring. As it's commercially interesting. Although I have no commercial side.
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    Hello waterreedshimmer,

    Someone could take a look at the system.

    To start that process please see the Malware Removal Forum sticky which includes instructions in post #2 on how to provide the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and aswMBR, which are the logs used in the preliminary analysis.

    Then start a new topic in that forum providing the logs so a volunteer analyst can guide you, also provide a link back to this thread please.

    Best regards.
    Microsoft MVP Reconnect 2018-
    Windows Insider MVP 2016-2018
    Microsoft Consumer Security MVP 2006-2016

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    Thank you but I did not have this DNS ban in Windows side since I said that I could report to you in Windows side during my chats, so I used you as psychological weapon. But next time I have same issue but in Windows 10, sure I will report it and follow your instructions step by step. No problem. Thanks a lot =)

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